Job Search Success System

JSS.330101936_stdIf you’re struggling with your job search, The Job Search Success System can help you position yourself effectively in the job market.

My colleague, Mary Elizabeth Bradford, Master Career Director (CDI), has created the Job Search Success System to help employees find their ideal job in less time, while also maximizing their compensation at their own pace.

Through this program, you will have access to multiple step-by-step coaching audios and corresponding worksheets to use throughout your career.

What is included:

18 Modules Containing 60-Minute Audio Coaching: Each module contains a private online classroom of pre-recorded coaching for you to instantly access. All modules are neatly organized by topic and job-search sequence.

  • Module One: How to Create Your Career Plan and Get Focused on Your Branding, Your Goals, and Your Job Search Strategy
  • Module Two: Internet Job Search Techniques
  • Module Three: Secrets to Tapping into the Hidden Job Market
  • Module Four: How to Ace Your Interviews
  • Module Five: Secrets to Negotiating Bigger and Better Salaries
  • Module Six: How to Network without Asking for a Job
  • Module Seven: How to Find and Work with Recruiters
  • Module Eight: The Amazing Benefits of Associations
  • Module Nine: Putting it all Together—How to Create a Turnkey Job Search
  • Module Ten: Six- and Seven-Figure Executive Strategies and Resources
  • Module Eleven: Resume and Cover Letter Tips
  • Module Twelve: Social Networking and Using LinkedIn
  • Module Thirteen: Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Change Industries and Careers
  • Module Fourteen: How to Collect and Use References
  • Module Fifteen: Troubleshooting—Overcoming Job Search Challenges
  • Module Sixteen: Time Saving Tips—Get More Done in Less Time
  • Module Seventeen: What to Say When…Communication Techniques and Phone Scripts for Following Up
  • Module Eighteen: How to Keep the Green Flowing—Land Project Work, Consulting Gigs, and Develop Additional Streams of Income During Your Job Search)





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