Resume Samples

I have written over 2,500 professional resumes at Advanced Write Resumes. To view sample resumes I have created for clients, follow the links below:


Health & Fitness Senior Executive

When Bill came to me, he was in the process of exploring new Executive level opportunities within the Health and Fitness industry. While reviewing his background, I quickly understood him to be someone that has succeeded in every position he has held. He had been with the same company for his entire career so we decided to focus on his higher level experience with the company. Bill has the ability to impact all areas of health club operations with a strong sales focus. In the health and fitness world, there is equal importance on new member growth and member retention so I highlighted that within the resume.
Bill recently accepted an Executive level position at a competing company.


Chief Financial Officer

This client selected my services based on my background writing for Finance Executives. He was looking for a resume that was fairly conservative but still packed a punch. He unique value proposition was that although he was ingrained in finance, he really understood the business from a broad-based perspective and how finance can be a strategic partner with all areas of the business.


Vice President of Sales

A superstar sales leader at a leading sales organization was struggling to gain traction in the market. He was advancing within his company but wasn’t effectively marketing himself outside of his company. We used a visually appealing resume with bold colors, mirroring his personality and sales style.


Senior Director of Finance

A seasoned executive that was struggling due to his age in the job market engaged my services. Together we identified his unique value and developed a powerful resume in both design and content while eliminating the opportunity for age discrimination due to the strategy utilized.

Global Procurement Manager

A seasoned executive that was struggling due to his age in the job market engaged my services. Together we identified his unique value and developed a powerful resume in both design and content while eliminating the opportunity for age discrimination due to the strategy utilized.

Training & Development Manager

Looking to get back on track with his career goals, this client was at a crossroads. He was struggling to capture the attention of hiring managers and was discouraged, feeling that his existing resume wasn’t conveying the impact that he can make. We identified several quantifiable achievements and positioned his strengths powerfully, leading to renewed enthusiasm and confidence in his skills.

IT Director

Erwin M. Fletcher came to me with the goal of leaving his employer of 15+ years. He felt that he wasn’t valued as he should be and wanted to see what the market valued him at. His personality was conservative so he wanted a traditional resume that still enabled the reader to see the impact he had made during his career. In order to accomplish this, we captured significant accomplishments that delivers millions in financial benefit to his employer.

Sales Manager / Sales Trainer

This client wanted to really showcase the fact that he has the ability to impact sales results through strong sales leadership and training. His background lies within recruitment and development of sales teams and driving revenue growth but also is capable of operational functions of business. He wanted people to know that he’s not just a number pusher but someone that can lead teams by building staff and customer loyalty. He mentioned multiple times that he was a born “winner” and this is why I added the Mark Twain quote at the top of the first page.

The client also didn’t want a typical run-of-the-mill resume so I incorporated color, graphics, and key recommendations that leaves the reader with a true perspective of what Zig brings to the table. He was very pleased with the document and was excited about the presentation that I had created for him.

Operations Management/Hospitality

Jennifer was looking to get into a district management role within the hospitality industry. Her background was the typical career path in the restaurant business, having worked her way up through the ranks. What she didn’t realize was her overall business savvy and the financial impact that she had made so we made a conscious effort to pull that out in her resume.


This client came to me looking for added punch and visual appeal for his new resume. He was targeting new, start-up biopharma firms and really wanted something that would stand out in the crowd. One of the companies that he was interested in had an orange and blue website and branding materials so the color scheme was chosen based on that. We wanted to align his brand with theirs.

Throughout his career, he had exceeded sales objectives and won numerous awards. His previous resume was lacking sales figures so we really needed to focus on pulling out the tangible achievements in this resume. We wanted to showcase all of his honors up front to really give the impression that he is someone that offers a blend of leadership and sales acumen.


Jessica was looking for a one page resume that showed organizations that she was ready for the next step in her career. With limited experience, we focused on her transferrable skills in the accounting arena, positioning her for a leadership role.

Nursing Manager

After a medical situation had been resolved, Dixie was ready to get back into the job market. She was apprehensive that her 2 year sabbatical caring for a family member would be a deterrent to potential employees. By tackling that issue head on in the resume and capturing her value from her earlier career, we successfully positioned her for success in her search.

Territory Sales Representative

This client had been out of the traditional workforce for over 5 years when he approached me. In his prior career, he was a rock star sales person but it was getting lost in his existing resume due to a lack of tangible metrics. Through an intense interview, we were able to compile the right data to land him his next position.

Purchasing Manager

After deciding to relocate, this client was in need of gaining employment in a new market quickly. The situation had become stressful and the client had become disengaged with his search due to lack of success. We utilized strong design elements and developed a resume that quickly positioned him as a leader in supply chain in his new desired geographic location

New Graduate

Katelyn had recently received her Masters degree but was struggling with showcasing the value that would bring to a school system. In order to accentuate her skills and knowledge base we made her education a major point of focus along with her dedication to continuing education in her field within the resume. This was backed up by her internships and her volunteer work that we also mentioned.

She also wanted to showcase that she understands the power of social media both positively and negatively so we add some positive hashtags that captured her goals.

Recent Graduate

David came to me with limited work experience but a successful academic career in Supply Chain Management. He wasn’t exactly sure where he wanted to go within the supply management field and didn’t want to be pigeon holed into one area. In the resume I focused on his one internship he completed and highlighted his academic career with core curriculum, leadership and relevant affiliations, and project highlights.

Military Transition

After a strong career in the US Army, this client was eager to get back to his family. We leveraged his military background and leadership to position him for a law enforcement career which he recently began.