Professional Gold

The Professional Package is most appropriate for those with 2-15 years of professional experience in their industry. These professionals typically hold positions at the Supervisor, Manager, or Associate level.

Professional Gold Package Includes:

Resume Branding Session
This is the initial step after services are purchased and the questionnaire is completed and returned to me. We will conduct a phone consultation to pull out any additional details to support your career aspirations, goals, and achievements along with exploring your personal brand. This call usually lasts approximately 1 hour.
Accomplishment Driven Resume
The main focal point of all my packages, the resume that I develop with be tailored towards your specific career goals as well as keyword optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems. Once the resume is approved by you, I will supply you with the resume in MS Word, PDF, and plain text (ASCII) formats.
SEO Driven LinkedIn Profile
Linkedin has become one of the most powerful tools that recruiters, hiring managers, and job seekers use in today’s competitive job market. Having a highly visible and keyword enriched profile is critical in today’s job search strategy. I will develop your LinkedIn profile and supply you with a Word document that you easily can copy and paste into your LinkedIn account.
Cover Letter Suite
The cover letter suite will provide you with 3 cover letters for the most common job search situations. One will be more targeted towards your career goals, the second will be more of an exploratory nature that will be useful in networking situations, and the 3rd will be a follow up letter.
Thank You Letter
Sending a thank you letter to the interviewer can set you apart from other candidates. I use a powerful approach to resell you into the position, keeping you at the top of the mind of the hiring manager.
Reference Sheet
Why waste the time compiling your references? I will format your references to ensure consistency with your other career documents.
1-Page Networking Resume
A unique approach to capture the attention of industry professionals for use in networking situations.
Job Search Success System
18 Modules containing 60-Minute pre-recorded audio coaching calls on hot topics. Your private online classroom of pre recorded audio coaching calls for you to instantly access and listen to. You may also download and keep these audio coaching calls in your business library for future reference. Everything is neatly organized by topic and typical job-search sequence.
Social Media Audit & Job Search Strategy
Social media is exploding and many companies use social media to find qualified candidates. I will teach you how to use social media to your advantage in your career search. Dependent on your social media expertise, I will educate you on how to assess your social media objectives, structure your online profiles, and curate and create content that will put you on the radar of companies and hiring managers. This can include setting up new social media profiles, establishing conversation starters for your social media accounts, and sourcing target company social media presences. This service can vary in the offerings provided based on where you are regarding knowledge of social media.
Job Board Listing – 108 pages
This is a comprehensive listing of job boards that can be used to find job opportunities.
Post Resume Creation Consultation
A powerful resume will only go so far if you can’t speak to it. I will walk you through your resume to ensure your confidence in what we have developed within your resume.
Behavioral Interviewing Strategies Packet
This detailed packet will provide you with the necessary information to successfully navigate even the toughest of interviews. By understanding what behavioral interviewing is, you will have a much better success rate.





  1. Training Manager – Buffalo, NY

    Being thrust into the job market recently was a scary and sobering experience for me. I had not interviewed for a job in years and I was unsure how to state my qualifications to a potential employer. I knew what my job responsibilities were for the last 18 years but putting it into words that attracted potential employers was challenging. I knew I needed help from a job search professional with a working knowledge of what employers are looking for today.

    After a personal consultation with Al, he created a powerful history of my experience and accomplishments. Al did not embellish or create fluff in my resume but instead, he gave my career and work experience the importance and value that they deserved.

    At a time when just getting an interview can be difficult, the impressive resume that Al created for me got me noticed and opened doors. All I can say is, having a powerful resume was key for securing the interviews that led to my new job. Thanks Al!

  2. Bank Manager – Delevan, New York

    Being employed for 14 years with the same company and planning to retire someday from this company can really be tough on someone when told the network is closing. Not knowing where to look for a new career and how the interview process works was very stressful. Alan was very professional and knowledgeable on all these topics, while making me feel like I had a chance in this economy to start over. I am very pleased with my resume and all the advice that was given. I think this will make for a much easier transition for me. Thank you so much again.

  3. Senior Auditor – Chicago, Illinois

    Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that my job search was very successful and I have started my new job in Chicago. I wanted to thank you for your excellent guidance and expertise in crafting my resume. I received multiple job offers and several interview calls quickly. The resume was very much appreciated by the interviewers in many of these companies. Overall it has been a great and fruitful experience working with you.

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